About the First Strictly-Dominant Cryptocurrency

Most announces of previous blockchains can be classified in the following groups: better hash algorithm (e.g., Litecoin) not using Proof-of-Work (e.g., Peercoin) better scripting/smart contracts (e.g., Ethereum) anonymous (e.g., Zcash, Monero) highly scalable (e.g., Zilliqa) a combination of the previous…

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Open-source @ Calctopia

We have started open-sourcing some of our technology: An Optimal ICO Mechanism: a Python script to compute a Multi-Unit Vickrey-Dutch auction. The full implementation of the Optimal ICO Mechanism will be open-sourced soon. An example smart contract for the Optimal…

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The Calctopia Advantage

At Calctopia, we develop the future of computation and humbly offer it for your advantage: The Secure Spreadsheet: the first and only end-user program for encrypted computation. Secure computation has never been easier. Private and Verifiable Smart Contracts: cryptographically secure…

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