SECCOMP - The Secure Spreadsheet

The first and only end-user program for encrypted secure computation.

Profit from your spreadsheets using the Holy Grail of Cryptography to securely compute on your most secret information.

Now two parties with private inputs can compute without revealing anything but the output.

Profit from your secrets

Use Secure Computation to negotiate better terms for your M&As, LBOs, debt refinancings and other investment deals.

(* Function limited: +,-,x,√)

Compatible with Microsoft Excel

The first version of SECCOMP – The Secure Spreadsheet is an Excel Add-in: just colour some cells and press a button!

Cutting-edge cryptography

Benefit from the latest advances in cryptography research.

(Monthly Subscription)

Best Investment in Information Security

Use the most powerful techniques from cryptography to profit from the secret information held between two parties while maintaining their secrecy.

Reuse your workbooks

Give a second life to your old workbooks!

Easy to use

No need to get multiple PhDs in Cryptography and Mathematics to do secure computation! Just basic knowledge of spreadsheets is enough.

General purpose

Accounting, Auditing, Finance, Statistics, Actuarial: any field can benefit from secure computation.

Choose your level of precision

Choose between the standard 64 bits of precision, or 32 bits for faster computations.

Two Security Models

Semi-Honest (1 CPU-core, presumes that the other party will not modify the behaviour of the application and its security protocols) and Dual-Execution (2 CPU-cores, resistant against malicious adversaries who won’t follow the security protocol and may arbitrarily modify the application, with just one bit of leakage).

Customer support

Contact us with any request and we will fix any inconvenience.

Learn how easy is to do Secure Computation, just follow these simple steps:

Colour the input cells

Colour the cells of your worbook to differentiate between the inputs of the two parties. Please note that secure computation is a very demanding task (network and CPU): start with easy formulas and use aggregated results whenever possible,

Create and manage a Secure Group

Create a new SecGroup and add the email of the other party to said SecGroup.

Send the workbook to the other party

Both parties should follow the same calculation order with the same formulas: just use the same workbook to prevent errors.

Input your secret information

Both parties must enter their secret information on their respective cells.

Securely compute

One party must start the secure computation over a formula cell, and the other party must agree on said secure computation.

Use SECCOMP - The Secure Spreadsheet and stop leaking your secrets

Profit from your secret information without losing it, don’t just withhold it!

(* Function limited: +,-,x,√)

(Monthly Subscription)

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