On Banning Proof-of-Work

Although China successfully banned crypto-currency mining in order to cut their high-energy consumption, Bitcoin’s electricity consumption is still more than eight times higher than Google’s and Facebook’s combined, with an additional growth of 41% Year-on-Year. For that reason, more States…

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Añadiendo un nodo al blockchain

Estrenamos un novedoso método de autenticación privada para blockchains, las Demostraciones de Identidad en Conocimiento Cero (zk-PoI), que permiten el registro de nodos blockchains mediante la anonimización de Pasaportes Electrónicos. Las Demostraciones de Identidad en Conocimiento Cero (zk-PoI) presentan las…

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Adding a node to the blockchain

We premiere a novel method of privacy-preserving authentication for blockchains, Zero-Knowledge Proof-of-Identity (zk-PoI), enabling registration of blockchain nodes by anonymising Electronic Passports. Zero-Knowledge Proof-of-Identity has the following advantages compared to other methods of blockchain node registration (PoW/PoS/PoP/PoA/...): it’s the only…

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On FATF’s Updated Guidance

The much awaited Updated Guidance for a Risk-Based Approach for Virtual Assets and Virtual Asset Service Providers has been released. Fortunately, none of its changes impacts our current implementation of a blockchain integrating real-world IDs on layer 1: to the…

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JUBILEE: Debt Relief and Forgiveness

In our latest paper (code-named “JUBILEE”), we use secure computation to compute debt settlements without involving third parties, incentivising all the involved parties to truthfully reveal their private information about expected recovery valuations. Thanks to secure computation, we obtain better…

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JUBILEO: condonación y perdón de deudas

En nuestra última publicación (con nombre en clave “JUBILEO”), usamos la computación segura para calcular liquidaciones de deudas sin necesidad de involucrar a terceras partes, incentivando a que todas las partes involucradas revelen con total sinceridad su información privada respecto…

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