Mobile App Updates

We have listened to your feedback and the mobile app has been updated: Multiple account support: an individual can hold multiple electronic passports and national identity cards.Transaction list: check what transactions have been made from each account. From the “Accounts”…

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The New IBAN of Digital Currency

What is IBAN?             The IBAN is a numbering scheme that was created to identify bank accounts across national borders: it was conceived to unify bank account identification and standardize their format (i.e., country, bank, branch, routing code, and account…

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How to Use Our Mobile App

Requirements: the NFC feature of your smartphone must be enabled. Depending on your device, follow the next steps: “Settings” > “Connections”> “NFC and payment”; or “Settings” > “Connected devices” > “Connection preferences” > “NFC”. Install our app from the Play…

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Giving cheerfully

The first transaction ever to an Electronic Passport is a symbolic donation of 777 coins to Pope Francis: Unlike all other public blockchains, ours already contains billions of users: 3.5 Billions with Digital National Identity Cards and 1 Billion with…

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Announcing TESTNET

Today, we are launching our TESTNET and getting closer to launching the MAINNET network. Our current TESTNET features the following novel technologies: Highly scalable blockchain Private and Verifiable Smart Contracts: secure smart contracts on which you can develop Cryptographically Secure…

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About the First Strictly-Dominant Cryptocurrency

Most announces of previous blockchains can be classified in the following groups: better hash algorithm (e.g., Litecoin) not using Proof-of-Work (e.g., Peercoin) better scripting/smart contracts (e.g., Ethereum) anonymous (e.g., Zcash, Monero) highly scalable (e.g., Zilliqa) a combination of the previous…

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