European Union legalising zero-knowledge proofs of digital identities

On February 9, the Industry, Research and Energy committee approved amendments to the European Digital Identity framework 2014/910 including zero-knowledge proofs of digital identities:

  • to the best of our knowledge, this is the first time zero-knowledge proofs are been included in legislation, thus validating and backing previous cryptographic research
  • we celebrate that the definition used for zero-knowledge proofs (“zero knowledge proof means any cryptographic method by which a relying party can validate that a given statement based on the electronic attestation of attributes […] is true, without conveying any data related to those”) is broad enough to cover multiple approaches (current and forthcoming)

Calctopia is the pioneer in this technology with research that started the first implementations of zero-knowledge proofs from biometric passports and identity cards, and subsequent research including said zero-knowledge proofs within a blockchain: the only blockchain that is legal according to this forthcoming amendment to the European Digital Identity framework, positioning us at the forefront of this cryptographic revolution.