Adding a node to the blockchain

We premiere a novel method of privacy-preserving authentication for blockchains, Zero-Knowledge Proof-of-Identity (zk-PoI), enabling registration of blockchain nodes by anonymising Electronic Passports.

Zero-Knowledge Proof-of-Identity has the following advantages compared to other methods of blockchain node registration (PoW/PoS/PoP/PoA/…):

  • it’s the only way to legalise the node registration process according to the latest regulations: FATF, Swiss FINMA (the Swiss interpretation of the FATF’s Travel Rule is very strict and requires the identification of all parties, without exemptions for unhosted, unregulated and/or non-custodial wallets), European AMLD5, Chinese Cyberspace Administration…
  • it doesn’t require physical gatherings of people, very useful in these times of social distancing and limited gatherings.
  • cheapest method for Sybil-resistance: mining nodes registered using zk-PoI are more profitable than PoW/PoS blockchains.
  • very nice with the environment: unlike PoW blockchains, zk-PoI doesn’t contaminate.

There are two steps to join a node to our blockchain:

  1. Following the next guide, register an unique keypair generated from your Electronic Passport. This step requires an Intel SGX CPU (however it would no longer be needed for running the blockchain node):

Download (PDF, 654KB)

  1. Join the node using the following repository: