Announcing TESTNET

Today, we are launching our TESTNET and getting closer to launching the MAINNET network.

Our current TESTNET features the following novel technologies:

In order to get some perspective on the reach of our blockchain, we should compare it with other payment networks:

  • Almost 2x the number of potential users of Libra from Facebook (2.41 billion)
  • 4x the number of VISA credit cards (1124MM)
  • 15x the number of Paypal users (286MM)
  • 10000x the number of Bitcoin active addresses (450K), 100x the number of Bitcoin wallets (42MM) and 160x the number of Bitcoin wallets with any balance (28MM): at current growth rates (11.5M new wallets/year), it would take >300 years to achieve the same degree of diffusion.
  • 14000x the number of Ethereum active addresses (320K) and 56x the number addresses of Ethereum wallets (80MM)

The biggest problem with public, permissionless blockchains was never scalability or privacy: it is inclusiveness, a problem directly related to digital identity.

Our integration with National Identity Cards and Electronic Passports solves the chicken-and-egg problem of any payment network: a user will find a payment network useful if he can transfer to a very large number of users, but said users would only have joined said payment network if there were many other users from the very beginning. By accepting everyone with a trusted cryptographic identifier, we guarantee the largest possible number of addressable users (more than any other payment network).