Biometric passports extend to more countries

For the end of the year, three heavily populated countries are getting biometric passports: Syria: already issuing biometric passports since 30 AugustEthiopia: reaching agreements to issue biometric passportsSri Lanka: launching a tender for the issuance of biometric passports

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World map of biometric identities

Caveats: Including a country doesn't mean that all its citizens have a biometric identity document: it only means that citizens have the possibility to acquire a biometric identity document (e.g., biometric passport)Countries that have just started to issue biometric identity…

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Biometric IDs in more countries

A new set of countries are upgrading their identity documents: "Port of Spain commitment on digital integration": 11 Caribbean countries have agreed to update their digital identities and make them interoperable (i.e., this agreement will lead them to upgrade their…

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On Banning Proof-of-Work

Although China successfully banned crypto-currency mining in order to cut their high-energy consumption, Bitcoin’s electricity consumption is still more than eight times higher than Google’s and Facebook’s combined, with an additional growth of 41% Year-on-Year. For that reason, more States…

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Latest Countries Adding Biometric Authentication

The latest countries to update their identity documents to support biometric authentication: Sierra Leona: their identity cards are now being issued supporting biometric authentication, following ECOWAS regulations.Mali: new biometric identity cards.Guyana: new biometric identity cards for the issuance of work…

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