Open-sourcing Obliv-Java after Google v. Oracle

After the U.S. Supreme Court found that Google’s use of Java for Android is “fair use as a matter of law”, we can open-source Obliv-Java, a faithful re-implementation of OpenJDK for secure computation.

Crypto-Duke, the Java mascot with his new shining armor for secure computation!

As of 2021, Java is still the #1 programming language in different surveys, specially in business and finance. And now with Obliv-Java, you can start enjoying the advantages of a more secure Java on which the property rights between parties are respected. Secure computation is the right tool to provide secure property rights on data and software, much stronger than what copyright could offer (i.e., technical problems should be solved technically, not with legal licenses).

Don’t forget to encrypt your programs and have loads of crypto-fun!