JUBILEE: Debt Relief and Forgiveness

In our latest paper (code-named “JUBILEE”), we use secure computation to compute debt settlements without involving third parties, incentivising all the involved parties to truthfully reveal their private information about expected recovery valuations. Thanks to secure computation, we obtain better…

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Still More Countries with Biometric IDs

Still more countries issue biometric IDs compatible with our blockchain: Biometric identity cards got standardized all over Europe from 2 August, in line with regulations: for example, the Netherlands, Czech, and Croatia.Vietnam has been issuing biometric identity cards since February…

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Even More Countries with Biometric IDs

Another round of countries increase the security of their identity documents, making them compatible with our blockchain: Kyrgyzstan launched their new e-Passport in May 2021Togo is tendering their biometric civil identity card. As Togo is part of Economic Community of…

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App Translations

By popular acclaim, the mobile apps for Android and iOS have been translated to another 35 languages: ... More translations will come in the near future in order to ease international expansion.
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Remote Identity Proofing Is Legit Only with NFC

In order to remotely onboard online, it’s necessary to read the chip of biometric identity documents and check the validity and authenticity of their certificates. Most online services only verify identity documents using image captures, but this is obviously easy…

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