Giving cheerfully

The first transaction ever to an Electronic Passport is a symbolic donation of 777 coins to Pope Francis:

Unlike all other public blockchains, ours already contains billions of users: 3.5 Billions with Digital National Identity Cards and 1 Billion with Electronic Passports. Everybody in the world is addressable by their trusted, public cryptographic identifier from their National Identity Cards and/or Electronic Passports, even if they haven’t already signed up: the amount sent is held in escrow until the user logs for the first time.

Our worldwide coverage enables what others can’t: simple and secure transactions to everyone in the world.

Today, 25th of December, we invite you to download our mobile app and transact in our secure blockchain for the common good: for example, to any of the 456MM of unbanked that nonetheless own a mobile phone, Internet connection and the public trusted identifier that enables them to access their first account on our blockchain. You can check the numbers of uplifted unbanked on a country basis on the following spreadsheet: