On the Coming Crackdown on Cryptocurrencies without Identity

In practice, using cryptocurrencies without identity means that the costs of identification are externalized to third-parties and, worse yet, repeated and incurred multiple times: KYC/AML to access online exchanges and/or for ICO participation (the cost of a check ranges from £10 to £100 for a manual identification and from £6 to £30 for an online identification). The need for anonymity is only a corner case even in cryptocurrencies specifically designed for anonymity: in Zcash, fully shielded transactions represent 1.5% of all transactions and 5% of all value.

Many countries are already banning cryptocurrency transactions without identity:

(1) National identity card is a mandatory smartcard; (2) National identity card is a voluntary smartcard; (3) No national identity card, but cryptographic identification is possible using an ePassport, driving license and/or health card; (4) Non-digital identity card.

This trend will only continue in the future as cryptocurrency usage keeps increasing.

We offer the first cryptocurrency where only real-world cryptographic identities can be used (e.g., National Identity Cards and/or ePassports) lowering the costs of identification for all parties involved and increasing the acceptance by merchants in real-world scenarios.

Holding pro-law cryptocurrency is the only safe bet.