Cryptographically Private and Verifiable Financial Instruments on Ethereum/Fabric

We’re happy to show you the first cryptographically private and verifiable financial instruments, as described in the Raziel paper.

Some quick notes:

  • web browsers aren’t extensible nor safe neither fast enough to run secure computations. A desktop application is the preferred way to run secure computations: in particular, the flexible data-representation and the ubiquity in the financial world of spreadsheets make them the best target for this kind of secure calculations. And ultimately, a desktop client will be the only way to provide and guarantee end-to-end privacy of secure computations.
  • secure computations are being run off-chain with Ethereum being used for message passing/notification and payment.
  • bridging permissioned and permissionless blockchains will be key in the future, thus Hyperledger Fabric is also supported.
  • the verification conditions support codified regulations from governments: therefore, they constitute a clear case of responsible encryption but without backdoors or compromising any security; that is, unverifiable/unlawful smart contracts shouldn’t be entered into by the parties.

Stay tuned for more advances in the near future.

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